Zero9 TASER Case / X26P

Color: Black
Finish: Plain
Mount: Molle Loks
Sale price$56.99


Ruggedized upgrade for your Taser X26P, X2 or Taser 7. These cases are ambidextrous and available with 2 Molle-Loks or a Tek-Lok attachment. The case protects the trigger and cartridge doors and is secured with a shock cord retention lanyard. The Zero9 Taser Case can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a Molle Vest or vertically, horizontally or at a 45 degree angle on a duty belt. Fits the Axon/Taser Taser X26P (does not fit the X26). Can mount other Zero9 cases to the front of this case. Ambidextrous draw configurations.

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