Omega Water Beast Reservoir

Sale price$46.50


The CamelBak Omega Water Beast is an ultra-durable hydration reservoir designed to survive in the harshest operational environments. It is made from an advanced and highly durable polyurethane material, and collapses as it empties to prevent sloshing. It can hold near-boiling and freezing liquids without rupturing, and comes with an insulated drinking tube for all-weather use. Built-in HydroGuard anti-microbial technology prevents bacteria and fungi from growing in the reservoir and tubes using an innovative, FDA-approved silver ion compound. The reservoir features a silicone Big Bite valve for easy, leak-free access to your water. It also includes an oversized Omega access port big enough to put your hand through, making it quick and easy to refill. NSN: 8465-01-495-6522.

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