Humvee Folding Shovel

Sale price$29.95


This folding shovel features a 22cm x 15.5cm durable blade that is ready to dig, cut, and chop for your survival. This folding shovel can go from 58.5cm unfolded to just 24cm folded making it great for any backpacking journeys. This shovel is made from 1050 carbon steel. The saw tooth edge allows you to cut through small branches and roots to make digging easier and setting up camp less stressful. Bring this universal shovel on your journey, and you will have little to worry about. Humvee has become the backbone of U.S. forces around the world. Our Humvee gear is modeled after equipment that is depended on in the rigors of battle. These products are designed to survive the most demanding situations while still remaining simple and easy to use.

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