Blade Color: Gray
Sale price$35.00


The Honeybee plain edge pocket knife is closely related to the Bug from Spyderco Knives and is another member of the SLIPIT family of knives. Spyderco SLIPIT knives rely on pressure at the knife's pivot point to hold the blade in the open position, as opposed to relying on a lock or a liner of some sort. The Spyderco Honeybee features a stainless steel blade, as well as a stainless steel handle, with enough of a surface to engrave or embellish, making a great gift. The Spyderco C137P also features a small hole at the end of the handle, ideal for lanyard carrying, neck chain carrying, or even key ring carrying. The Honeybee pocket knife would be the ideal tool for an office or the working individual.

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