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Showing 1 - 24 of 49 products
Becker Campanion
Ka-Bar Becker Campanion
Sale price$134.51
In stock, 9 units
Jarosz Wharncliffe Flipper
Ka-Bar Jarosz Wharncliffe Flipper
Sale price$98.93
Only 1 unit left
TDI Flipper Folder
Ka-Bar TDI Flipper Folder
Sale price$70.73
Only 5 units left
TDI Pocket Strike
Ka-Bar TDI Pocket Strike
Sale price$67.21
In stock, 16 units
Short Becker Drop Point
Ka-Bar Short Becker Drop Point
Sale price$123.56
Only 2 units left
Becker Remora
Ka-Bar Becker Remora
Sale price$45.85
Only 4 units left
Mark I
Ka-Bar Mark I
Sale price$112.63
In stock, 8 units
Jarosz  Turok
Ka-Bar Jarosz Turok
Sale price$130.23
Only 4 units left
Ek Commando
Ka-Bar Ek Commando
Sale price$323.38
Only 3 units left
KA-BAR Sharpener
Ka-Bar KA-BAR Sharpener
Sale price$22.06
In stock, 46 units
Combat Kukri
Ka-Bar Combat Kukri
Sale price$116.07
Only 3 units left
TDI Law Enforcement LDK Knife
Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement LDK Knife
Sale price$20.94
In stock, 67 units
D2 Extreme - Straight Edge
Ka-Bar D2 Extreme - Straight Edge
Sale price$183.62
Only 2 units left
D2 Extreme
Ka-Bar D2 Extreme
Sale price$199.51
Only 2 units left
K2 Tegu
Ka-Bar K2 Tegu
Sale price$24.51
Only 1 unit left
Becker Foldersilver Pocket Clip, Str Edge
Ka-Bar Becker Foldersilver Pocket Clip, Str Edge
Sale price$50.72
Only 4 units left
Marine Hunter-Stacked Leather
Ka-Bar Marine Hunter-Stacked Leather
Sale price$98.43
Only 3 units left
Black Fighter
Ka-Bar Black Fighter
Sale price$110.11
Only 2 units left
Throwing Knife Set
Ka-Bar Throwing Knife Set
Sale price$32.65
In stock, 6 units
Zk Acheron Skeleton Knife
Ka-Bar Zk Acheron Skeleton Knife
Sale price$13.16
Only 4 units left
Stacked Leather Handle
Ka-Bar Stacked Leather Handle
Sale price$102.62
Only 4 units left
Cutlass Machete
Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete
Sale price$83.38
Only 3 units left
Barley Bottle Opener
Ka-Bar Barley Bottle Opener
Sale price$9.19
In stock, 12 units
US Army Commemorative Iraqi Freedom Fighting Knife

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