Nark II MDPV Reagent

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Nark II narcotic field tests are meant for presumptive field drug testing. Choose from a variety of reagents (shown below): The Mandelin reagent is used to test for Methadone, Amphetamines or Methamphetamine MDPV reagent Mephedrone reagent a-PVP reagent 2-C synthetics reagent (MDMA and LSD) Psilocybin/Psilocin (mushrooms) reagent Mollies reagent Marquis reagent (Amphetamines/Methamphetamine, MDMA, or opium alkaloids) Special opiates (Oxycodone and Hydrocodone) Meckes modified reagent (semi-synthetic opiates of heroin (white, brown and black tar)) Ephedrine/Pseudoephedrine reagent Valium, Rohypnol, Ketamine reagent Methamphetamine/MDMA (Ecstasy) reagent Nitric acid reagent (heroin, morphine) KN reagent (THC in marijuana dried plant material, seeds, or fresh green plan) The Dille-Koppanyi reagent (barbiturates) Fentanyl reagent Ehrlichs modified reagent (LSD) Duquenois-Levine reagent (THC in marijuana) Scott reagent modified (cocaine); powder, crack, or freebase Methadone reagent Both PCP/Methaqualone reagent

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