Model 3S Pistol Pocket Inside Waistband Holster

Fit Code: 03
Hand: Right
Sale price$82.50


This leather inside waist holster is handcrafted with a premium grade full grain cowhide. It has a thumb snap closure and rides inside the waist for concealability. The dual snap-on belt loop wraps around the belt securing it to the waist. The belt loop can be rotated to five different locations for a variety of carry angles to best suit the user's needs. A reinforced top allows for stay-open holstering. Gun Fit- Browning Hi Power Gun Fit- Colt Delta Elite Gun Fit- Colt Gold Cup Gun Fit- Colt Government 1911 Gun Fit- Kimber Custom II Gun Fit- Kimber Custom Target II Gun Fit- Llama IXA Gun Fit- Para Ordnance P14 Gun Fit- Para Ordnance P16 Gun Fit- Ruger SR1911 Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson SW1911 Gun Fit- Springfield 1911-A1

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