AirTek Sam Browne 2.25'' Deluxe Duty Belt

Finish: Basket Weave
Hardware: Nickel
Size: 32
Sale price$71.79


AirTek Deluxe Sam Browne Duty Belt is crafted with our specialized 33E HP finish and 100% genuine leather to provide lightweight comfort, scratch resistance, and durability. Inner suede lining and reinforced row stitching ensures long-lasting performance and appearance. Inner hook lining makes it easy to attach an inner duty belt for added support and security. Double-tongue buckle securely hitches to the center belt stud and free-sliding keeper neatly keeps belt tip in place for a professional appearance. Features an inner hook lining to easily attach inner duty belt for added support and security. Tested and certified as scratch resistance (4/5 grade in abrasion test), chrome double-tongued belt buckle, free-sliding belt keeper, and water-resistant. Available in Smooth or Basket Weave.

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