8 Watt Bi-Pin Bulb (100 Hr) - LiteBox, FireBox, Vulcan

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8W Bi-Pin Replacement Bulb 8W Bi-Pin Replacement Bulb 8W Bi-Pin Replacement Bulb - LiteBox SL-40, LiteBox, FireBox, Vulcan, Fire Vulcan 80,000 candela (Peak Beam Intensity) with halogen bulb Bulb Rating 150 lumens typical, Run times are up to 3 hrs. with steady halogen & LEDs; up to 6 hrs with blinkinghalogen and LEDs; up to 60 hours with blinking LEDs only 6V 4.5 amp hour rechargeable battery can be recharged up to 500 times,Quick Release strap Serialized for positive identification,Waterproof Length: 7.5 Width:5 Height: 6.5 Width 3.3 Color High Visability Orange 8W Bi-Pin Bulb

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